Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three Weeks??!!!

Three weeks, it's been THREE weeks since I've posted. I have posts saved, thoughts written down, what happened? Well, I happened. I've been cycling on this leg of my journey, that's for sure.

I have ideas, I have thoughts, but sometimes I clunk in front of the TV before I sit down to try to type out what is irksome and bothering me in the eating or exercise department. The thing is ... I do better when I write. I think it has to do with holding myself accountable. Yes I've been eating OK (except for that chicken sandwich at Hardee's - no mayo, no cheese, extra tomatoes please) but I can do better. I can be better and why I won't let myself just keeps nipping at my heels.

I think it's partially because I'm pretty happy right now. Yes I still have twenty more pounds to lose. Yes I still want to be able to run further and faster and better, but right now, I'm enjoying the fact that my stomach is a wee bit flatter and my legs a tad shapelier. The only thin that might help me a little more is a little less in the upper chest area. We'll see. I'll tell you more later.

So: I have a treadmill now. What?!? Yes. Super cheap and I've had it for five days and I'm organizing the basement around it. 'Cuz I want no excuse from this butt of mine when I need to go walk/run on it and "It's raining" or "too dark" or "too cold out" Treadmill = dreadmill, I know, but hopefully I'll be able to either get off my butt and get outside (here's to cold-weather running!) or work it out on the 'mill.

So the other day I got some kick-butt lifting and cleaning and vacuuming exercise, about six hours worth. Our basement needs it people. Don't judge. And now, now I can run. FREE!

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