Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Never fully dressed

I don't know where it came from or why it's so perfect, but if you've ever seen the movie "Annie" then you've heard the song "You're never fully dressed without a smile." I love that song. It makes me want to smile when I pick up the phone, when I meet a stranger walking the street and especially when I'm in Hy-Vee.

A smile makes me feel like I'm having a better day. It makes a "I'm feeling super large today" into a better day. However my clothes or my mind are making me feel, a smile in the mirror makes me feel better. Probably due in part because when I smile at myself in the mirror I laugh at my reflection for smiling and then I pull really weird and funny faces and then I crack myself up because I'm such a nerd. Who else makes faces at themselves in the mirror other than a nerd?

But regardless, it makes me feel better. A smile changes my day, and I hope that my frown doesn't dress me up as much as a smile ever will. I crumpled forehead just gives me a headache, but a smile can take aches away.

I don't smile as much as I should. I worry about money and friends and, oh me oh my the fact that I need a new car. Does that go under money? I worry that I'm not doing enough and that the cats are sick and ohIneedtobreathbecauseit'stoomuch. Then I try to remember to breath. Sometimes, a lot of times, I forget to smile. I forget to smile at my wonderful SO because he comes and sits by me at the end of his day. I forget to smile when my mom makes a mom comment. I forget to smile when my nephew is just being a boy.

Since when did life get so serious? Not for me today. Today I will smile like a grinning fool. Some may make fun, but I'll make 'em smile. And you better believe I'll have an extraordinary day!

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