Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh what a wonderful feeling!

Lately, I've just had a sense of accomplishment. I feel like I'm doing things and getting things done that I've always wanted to get done! I grew a garden this year. Goodbye black thumb, hello cucumbers! I've CANNED! Love it. There are few things more satisfying to me right now than hearing the lid on a can of diced tomatoes seal. Hours of work and you know in four months when the winds are a-blowin' here in Iowa you can open the freshness of summer in a can. And the SO and I are back to doing anything and everything around the house we want to make it purty. His broken leg is not so much broken anymore, but it still hurts from time to time. I don't know what it is, but today I just feel satisfied. Satisfied with our life, my life. Satisfied with family and friends. As the verse goes "My cup overfloweth."

This weekend was just part of this goodness. Friday we chilled (after work, of course) And by chill I mean we went everywhere in tarnation getting everything ready for Saturday. Saturday was brake day. The SO (that wonderful man) is handy. Love it. I like doing things myself if I can instead of paying someone else to do them and, luckily, he feels the same way. So the squeaking on the front of the car has stopped due to a few handy-man hours and some brakes, a la Advance Auto Parts. Next week maybe the squeaking on the back? A man's car work is never done. Then Saturday night I worked.

Sunday, oh Sunday was a beautiful day. It will filled with boating, laughter, a run and these amazing steaks for supper, followed by our own little bonfire. I don't know if Sunday could have been a better day. We both commented on it, and I was just waiting for the spell to be broken, but it never was.

And Monday, though Labor Day, another hard-working day. Around eleven I got in into my head that I really wanted to put the ceiling fan up that we had purchased a few weeks earlier. This involves going up into the attic, crawling around in blown insulation and find the perfect spots that we need to run wire. I volunteered. What was I thinking? In hindsight it wasn't that bad. While I was doing it, not fun. Since there isn't a walkway up there, there luckily were three boards I juggled to make my way from one of the house to the other. I pushed wire like a pro (well, maybe not, but I tried!) and now, all that's left to do is the wiring! Good Luck, baby! I'm so glad I did it though. With his knee still not on the best of terms with the rest of him, I'm pretty sure it would have been agony for the SO to have done it. And while he tried to take the job away from me, I held out and made it my own. A shower never felt so good.

All in all, some good work. Sometimes toiling has its benefits, especially when you get to reap all of the rewards!

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