Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flu Shots

It's that time of year again. I love fall. The crispness in the air (not to mention Honeycrisp apples, oh me oh my) and the warm days and chilly nights, T-shirts by day, favorite sleeping sweatshirt by night. It's by far my favorite time of year. All the color and promise in the leaves. I love it. They just explode in color as if to say, 'Here we are, look at us, appreciate us!' And I do.

What I don't love? What follows Fall. Winter is fine, don't get me wrong, but I'm already pretty much a hermit and then you go and throw snow and ice in the mix? -32 degrees? I live in Iowa, I think last year it got down to -34 at one point here. Ouch. The ice, the snow, even they're beautiful and I can appreciate the fact that I'm experiencing four seasons, but oy. The colds. The flu. I do not want to get down with the sickness. And so, controversial as it may be, I'm getting a flu shot today.

I hate shots. They make me nervous and sweaty and my brain starts to think the needle is poking my skin when it's still, at this point, literally miles away. Last year I got one. I think it was my first one ever in my adult life, and no sickness. That also could be because I was exercising at least three times a week and eating food that was utterly beneficial for my health - hello whole grains!. But I'm sticking (ha!) with it again this year. I know many people don't agree with flu shots. Many people live by them. I'll let you know how it goes. But if you hear a squeal, or even a silent sigh of scaredy-catness around noon, please think of me! What can I say, I'm kind of a wuss sometimes.

What we do for what we think is health. Will the flu shot ward of sickness? Maybe. Will it make me feel better? In the longterm, yes. It will give me peace of mind and hopefully help keep me healthy.

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  1. I think your state of mind plays a big part in your health - so if you feel better getting the shot then it will probably work :)

    I love fall too! Its the best of both worlds in Phoenix - warm days and cool nights.