Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sick and tired

No, really, I was sick and tired. Now I'm just tired. Oh was I sick this weekend. Starting Friday. The last time I was that sick was before we left for Virginia to see the SO's family, that was more than two years ago! I guess I was due, but it just makes me wonder what caused it.

I happen to think that what started it was the fact that I haven't been exercising and my immune system was getting crappy. Couple that with the fact that we had United Way fundraisers all week at work (lots of food, lots of bad for you why did I eat that food) and I think my body was due. It just decided to shut down.

On both fronts (exercise and healthy eating) I'd like to report that I'm doing better. I AM reporting that I'm doing better! I worked out Thursday, Saturday and Sunday of this week. I'll be working out again tonight. I've been eating more in moderation, and found out that if you're doing fast food, Wendy's has some amazing salads. So good you don't even need the dressing. Which, hello, is another 110 calories you're not putting on your 'healthy' salad.

I think an entire day of soup and crackers definitely helped my body jump start its way back on track. I've been craving some cinnamon rolls, but everything in moderation, right? So I felt weak, of course I did, but I made myself go downstairs and walk on that treadmill. Then, I couldn't help it, I felt the need to run. So I did.

Three days of working out. Four days on plan for eating. I think I can feel my body gaining energy for today's workout. And energy for today's nap. I'm still tired, after all. I'm recuperating, which is wonderful for me, and it means I just need to take it easy for a few more days on the exercise front. What it doesn't mean is that I can't work out. I'm not congested, I'm not nauseous any more. But I am excited. I feel like I'm back! All it took was an entire 24 hours of not really doing anything, and I feel so much better.

What I'm most excited about is that when I was sick I didn't give myself leave to just give it all up. I stuck to eating, I walked, I did what I could do. For me that just proves to myself that I'm in this to win it. Goodbye poundage!

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