Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gotta Keep Moving

In life, in working out, in anything that you're trying to be better at you have to keep going. Keep moving forward, keep trying, keep living and keep on at it. When I had my fun little blah-week last week, I kept on going, and I'm so proud of myself for that.

I'm proud of that fact, that I kept going, because I have a tendency to just let life catch up with me and deter me from the things I really want. I give up and let go and completely regret it down the road.

I didn't want to work out last week. I didn't want to eat right. But I did (other than a few snack attacks brought on by my attitude and that TOM) and this week, while I only lost one pound, I feel so much better knowing that I got through one hard time and that feeling, hopefully, will bring me through others that I might have in the future.

I know that my life is getting healthier. I can feel it in the way I hold myself, in the way those pants that were tight a month ago are getting looser, and in the way I'm thinking. I can have snacks, I can have cravings, I can give into those cravings too, but just a little bit. If I'm craving chocolate I can have a piece. I'm not on a diet, I'm changing my life.

My life doesn't restrict things, doesn't cut out whole foods or groups of nutrition that my body needs, but my new life does require certain nutrients that I don't normally get enough of because I'm too busy putting other things in my face. That's my goal.

I normally eat within my calorie range, when I have eaten out of it I don't feel bad because I'm exercising more than I thought I would. What I don't do is get enough calcium or iron on a pretty-much-daily basis. I can't drink a lot of milk or have too many milk products and I was wondering, how do you guys get some of the calcium you need during the day? What about iron? My fiber is up because I've been working on that, I know I can work on this too, but, as I'm moving toward my goal, anyone have any help they can offer on ways to reach it?


  1. Have you tried taking a multi-vitamin, or are you already doing that? And look for cheese slices to put on sandwiches that are 25% of your daily calcium, nothing much, I know, but I hope it helps a little bit.

  2. Amber, I'm not on a multi-vitamin right now. I was, but then someone told me that TOO much Iron is still a bad thing, because it stays in your system so then I got scared and stopped taking it. I'll look for the cheese. I'm not a huge cheese (or most kinds of dairy fan) so I'll try it. Thanks for the comment!