Friday, August 21, 2009

We can DO this

Does it ever feel like the journey ahead is an impossible one? That those 5, 10, 30, 100 lbs. will never come off? That you'll never walk that mile, run that 5k or finish those 100 pushups? Guess what, it's a lie.

I've learned in life that we are capable of amazing things. We can love again and again, though many time we end up getting hurt. We set out, make new friendships, adapt to new environments and have everything turned on its head again because we are strong. Our strength is untapped and sometimes our strength exists in the people around us when we need it most, like at

While our hearts and minds are strong, sometimes our bodies are even stronger. We can go from sitting on the couch, struggling to get on our feet to RUNNING MARATHONS. We can go from not being able to lift 2 lb. weights to having biceps that stand out from the rest of our body.

We have these wonderful minds, wonderful hearts and wonderful bodies and with all of those things, we can DO this! I have 40 lbs. left to lose, maybe some more after that. Sometimes I look at the last two months and think, I've only lost 11 lbs. and I have so far to go yet. But guess what? That means if I keep up my weight loss that in less than one year I will be at my goal weight. One year, a single year. What have I put off more than a year? I can think of a few things. What do I want to do in a year that may have been super hard or impossible when I was 50 lbs. heavier? I can think of Many things.

So here we keep on. Our lives are changing, we can handle that. Our bodies are changing. Well, boy-howdee-do I'm pretty sure I'll happily handle that. Our minds are changing. Sometimes this is the hardest but we will get through it, we will do it and surprise ourselves in the future. Days are hard, some more than others. But think of the people you love, the people who know you and help you and keep you going. With them, with you, we can DO this!

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