Friday, August 14, 2009

Treating myself better

I painted my toe nails the other day. A week ago I gave myself a facial. And, this is an overshare, I've definitely been shaving my legs every day. Why is this important? You may ask. Well, it's important because I've been treating myself better since I started working on my health.

Some people may go "ick" at the leg-shaving thing, but I never wear shorts, rarely wear skirts and so, what was the point? The point now is that I feel better. My clothes fit better, I know I look better and so I want to LOOK BETTER. Amazing, isn't it. I gave myself a facial because I wanted to. I painted my toe nails because I thought it would be cute. I shave my legs because it makes me feel sexy.

But why didn't I treat myself better before this? Maybe I can also ask myself why I ate so much. Was it to punish myself for something? Did I just not care about myself enough to decide to be healthy? Was I bored? Was it to deal with some unknown trauma? Right now I don't know the answer to this. I think it honestly might be that I didn't care about myself enough, or that I just thought I was "normal" when my BMI was obese. I ate and didn't think. I didn't move around much and didn't think about it. The only time I really thought about my weight was when I went shopping for clothes. Oh yes, then you would hear me complain and mope and whine and be sad about the body that I gave myself.

But now the times they are a'changin' as I've heard many Westerns state. It's amazing how one good step leads to singles, tens, hundred of others. Taking care of me by looking at the food I put in my mouth and exercising to get myself healthy has pushed into what I put on my face to make my skin soft, what I put on my toes to make me smile, and shaving my legs so I feel sexy and good! Who knows what's next. I can't wait to find out!

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