Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vacation and the scale

I'm trying to blame vacation for over-eating. It's either vacation or PMS, or both. I ate more than normal when the SO and I were away this weekend, but I also burned a LOT more calories by being in the water at least an hour or two each day. How did the scale go up then?

I'm not stating my weight as of right now, and since Saturday is my new official weigh-in day (started last week) but let's just say it's up a little bit. It's slightly disheartening. I know it could be complete water weight, especially since it's that TOM. But still. We'll see. So I've kicked my butt in gear again. Two hours of stair stepping today. When you do it while you watch "Friends" it's just so much more enjoyable! Anyway, healthy meals, low-cal snacks. Hopefully on Sat. I'll be back at or lower than my weight from last week!

I have no excuses. I'm on vacation until next Wednesday, so I can't possibly be too tired to work my butt off. I'm cooking all my meals, so it's not like I can't eat right and I'm in charge of this trip up AND down the scale. Let's hope my body agrees!

So, aside from pushing away the hurdle in the road, my day has been great. What about yours?

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