Thursday, August 20, 2009

A natural high

Last night I was laying in bed before I went to sleep watching the finale to Top Chef Masters. I love Top Chef. Anyway. I was just laying there and I felt great, I felt amazing. I was a little sleepy and some muscles were aching and as I stretched out my legs it felt so GOOD! And I felt A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I started to think about what brought me there. What brought me to feeling amazing. Well, I was sore, but I felt strong. I was tired (even though I had a 3-hour nap that afternoon) but I felt rested (maybe because of the nap) and I was wearing some newish pajamas from Old Navy that just make me feel sexy. I was reflecting on my day, on my week and even though my week has been long and I've been super tired from lack of sleep and from working out more than I've been used to in year, it didn't matter. I had a natural high.

My workout earlier in the day, eating right, my body getting in tune with my mind, that all culminated to give me a feeling of happiness I haven't fully had in quite some time. I've been pleasant, little happy, LOL happy, down in the dumps and everywhere in between, but this euphoria had eluded me.

It's amazing to look back about seven weeks and see how much my mind has come in balance with my body. How this work that I'm doing isn't just to lose the fat trapped around my waist and thighs but how it's making me better mentally.

This journey keeps surprising me. I keep thinking that it's hard, and don't get me wrong, it is hard, but these pleasant things happen. I feel better, I have more energy (when I get enough sleep) I'm probably more pleasant to be around because my mood is better and I'm more focused. I see more around me, I take part in more around me. I am overcome with moments (like right now) of so much happiness that I almost want to cry. I just am starting to feel "right." Starting to feel like I should. And I know more is just around the bend.

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