Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Overdosed and frustrated

Oh my. I just had a couple of days to remember, and not in such a good way. Have you ever heard of Pizza Ranch? I love Pizza Ranch. It's a midwest thing, I'm pretty sure, but it was first invented/built/made whatever you want to call it near my hometown. Anyway. My SO and I went down to Ames to visit my sister and brother-in-law. Sister, it turns out, was in my hometown, but we went out to eat with by BIL anyway, 'cuz we love him. The SO asked if we could go to Pizza Ranch. He knows how much I love it, it pretty much reminds me of home, and even though we had pizza a few days earlier, wanted to make me happy. So we went.

Keep in mind I know I'm changing my life, I know that I've been making better choices and trying to live a better life. Most days I'm doing pretty well. Not this past Sunday. I figured I would have salad, a little chicken and some pizza and I would be good on calories. Not.

I had my salad (with peas!), I had about half of a small piece of broasted chicken. Two tiny pieces of Italian sausage pizza, (seriously, little kid sized, they were from the buffet so they eke those suckers out) two cheese sticks and, to treat myself, a little butterscotch pudding. To treat myself, yeah right, like dousing my mouth in grease wasn't enough of a treat. Anyway, I digress. I though, ok, this is a pretty big meal right here, but I'll still be in my calorie range. Whatever. Oh, I forgot the little piece of cactus bread. Another treat.

That meal? My entire calories for the day. FOR THE DAY!

That wasn't bad enough. For supper, since I was in the middle of painting the kitchen was prime rib sandwiches. With fries. And garlic bread. 1,000 more calories. What was I thinking? I know I painted for over two hours, some serious calories burned there. I also know I painted the next day and stripped and sanded a little table, which is probably why at my weigh-in this week I didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain any either.

I just know I overdid it. I completely did. For some reason, when the prime sandwich hit I couldn't just eat half of it like last time, I devoured the whole thing. The same as yesterday, when the SO and I got fast food I ordered a sandwich and forgot to have them hold the mayo. Then did I scrape it off? No. Did I eat half the sandwhich? No. I ate the whole thing again. I thought I was to the point where my body and I were having a conversation about if I was full or not. Maybe I need to listen a little longer and a little harder.

So, the only thing I'm not upset about from my long weekend? My kitchen is painted.

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