Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feeling welcome

It's amazing the welcome atmosphere that exists on I wrote on a few message boards, just to introduce myself and say 'hey' and the response has been amazing! They say that with a community you lose more weight and keep it off, and with the response I've gotten, and the response I've seen on some other people's Spark pages I just think this site is outstanding.

One of the things I'm always afraid of is telling people that I'm trying to lose weight. I feel like as soon as I tell someone then I fall off the wagon and can't find my way back on. If I'm exercising and doing pretty well for a few weeks, when I tell someone I just can't find the motivation to go.

Well, this time is a little different. For the last week+ I want to work out partially because I know it's what I need to do to keep losing weight, but partially because I get to fill out my cardio or strength training box and see my spark points add up! The points are a motivational tool that I never knew I would fall in love with.

I love seeing my cardio time add up and become more than I thought it would. I love seeing the people reaching out to eachother and I love that I have more of this journey ahead of me. Thanks to all in my community. You're great motivation and I yearn for more.

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