Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Epic Fail

Over over over on calories. Oh yes. I blame Buffalo Wild Wings. Okay, really? I blame myself, but Buffalo Wild Wings did put me over. I just need to develop this ability to say STOP.

I had eaten a half-hearted lunch (approximately two point five hours earlier) when the SO asked if I wanted to go out for lunch. Of COURSE I wanted to go out with him! I figured I'd do what I normally do, order a bit of this or that, not much more than a snack, and go alone with my day. I should have held myself to that. Then we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. Having never been there, I went way to far out. Cheeseburger (a slammer, but their version of a slammer is MUCH different than mine) fries, and, of course, four wings.

Totalling up my calories for that meal alone was more than I normally eat in a DAY. Lesson learned, eat a couple of wings, maybe something else small, but enough is enough. Oy. Luckily until that point I was pretty light on calories, so I erased two days of "good eating" and averaged out at maintenance mode for three days. It's pretty sad when one meal can erase the first part of your healthy week. That was yesterday.

I need to kick it in butt. I want three months of GREAT eating. A tiny treat here or there, sure, but I want to see how clean I can eat for that period of time. It might be hard, but the more I try the better I'll get, right?

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