Monday, December 6, 2010

A better tomorrow

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.
~Doug Firebaugh

My tomorrow has in store some precious, precious fruit. When I eat a grape instead of a cinnamon roll I try to remind myself of that fact. Food is quite fleeting. The pleasure I get from food is instantaneous and yet gone in a second. The joy I find in giving someone else something I have made is wonderful, because I like to give people some little pleasures, but in the end it's the time I took to make someone happy, not what I end up giving them that is important.

There is so much consumerism going on right now. Part of me enjoys it. I like buying, I like giving, I like cooking and eating. I consume more than I need when it comes to shopping but also when it comes to eating. When do I say enough? When my wallet is empty? When my stomach is so full it almost bursts? So I change. I eat what I should eat (most of the time) not what my stomach says to eat because my stomach lies to me. One moment it says it's still hungry after consuming pork chops and potatoes and lots and lots of water! Then, ten minutes later, suddenly it's full to the brim and I can't fit one more thing in. It's said the moon is harsh mistress. I think the stomach is a fickle one. When do I cease to buy? When I can't possibly think of one more thing to get for someone? I've been doing better, but I have to admit I get sucked into a great deal as quickly as the next person. 

Choices are important when it comes down to our stomachs and our wallets, and obviously, everything else in life. I try to choose things that will make my life better. I eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of pastries (ahem, most of the time!) I try to cook things in a way that will make me healthier, not heavier. I like to buy eco-friendly products to make my life here on earth more fulfilling and to keep the earth as healthy as I can. 

Every choice, even one as little as putting a piece of trash in a bin or on the ground, or a grape versus a donut hole can make a big change. What choices are you willing to make?

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