Thursday, January 7, 2010

Renewed energy

I love January. I don't like the cold so much, though the snow is gorgeous, but what I love most is the scent of hope in the air. People have resolutions, they have goals and they're working toward something. I find that if I don't have a goal I'm quick to falter and quicker to fall.

We had holiday stress and family time, good and bad, and there was food and laughter and arguments and tears of all kinds. Then, come January, people look at their lives. Sometimes out of habit and sometimes out of desperation (or anywhere in between) most find something they want to change.

At this time of the year I know most of us are working hard mentally and physically, many people will quit and never quite realize that they could have met that goal, they didn't have to give up. That is sad: Not realizing you can accomplish amazing things is definitely heartbreaking.

What is beautiful and worthy and wonderful about January is that people haven't gotten to that point yet. They still believe that they can do amazing things and change their lives. They're so right. That energy and that belief is catchy. It's like a fire running through people. You see someone striving for a dream and most of us want to strive for a dream too. I know, like I said, that many will quit only to wait another year to try again. But while the energy is here use it! The more fire we have racing between us the more likely we will keep motivated to change our lives.

January will come to an end soon enough, but keep the fire going.

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