Monday, January 11, 2010

Good morning.

I've got to say that this morning was rough. I know, for many people out there the morning is just starting. But I've been at work for half my day already!

Okay, normally I come to work at 5 a.m. This entails me getting up at 4:05 a.m. Don't ask, it just works for me that way. Now the big but - BUT since I've signed up for this workout class I have to leave work an hour earlier to make it there at the prescribed 12:05 p.m. I don't want to lose hours at work so I'm going into work an hour earlier on Monday and Wednesdays for the next two months. Sometimes Fridays if I think I will be able to leave the paper before our afternoon deadlines. Oy vay.

I am now drinking coffee. Since I don't normally drink coffee this may become a coping mechanism and thus I may become a coffee addict. Please forgive me for this. My sarcasm may also become a coping mechanism. My co-workers deal with this on a daily basis, you may have to as well.

Not really. Well, maybe really, but I'd like to think that I'll still be cheerful and honest and just myself. This is just one itsy-bitsy thing I'm giving up for 8 weeks, 16 days total, to get myself off my butt and moving toward better health. I think I can deal.

Don't derail yourself with your progress toward fitness. I'm not losing any sleep by getting up earlier two days a week. I may drink coffee for a little while, but that's a big maybe and could be only on Mondays, but think of where I'll be. I'll have had two weeks of getting my butt kicked into shape. I'll have more skills when it's time to work out on my own, and I'll have warmer weather to get back into running outside instead of on the treadmill. I'll also be healthier, feel better, and, my stomach fat willing, be able to fit into a sz. 12! This for 16 hours of my time. Yeah, I can deal.

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