Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kicking myself to the curb

I need a break from me. My brain says "oh, I'm too tired to work out" or "but that chocolate looked way too good to pass up" well here's a message from my mouth and heart to my brain. Shut it.

This is my decision for getting healthy. My brain can participate when it comes to calculating calories and seeking out nutrients to fit my lifestyle, but when it comes to my health it needs to give it up. I know that sounds counter intuitive. I need to eat right and my brain can help me with that, but my brain is the problem. It's been programmed to eat whatever treats it can find. It's been able to rule the roost in terms of over indulgence and a sedentary lifestyle. My new lifestyle is not a choice, it is a necessity.

To live the life that I have planned, the life that is before me, I need to be healthy.

To go kayaking with the SO when spring comes around is a plan. To be able to do it so that the SO doesn't have to do all the work and so I can enjoy myself means I need to stay healthy and fit.

To go home and play soccer with my nephew and to wrestle with my niece I need to be able to move. I want to play with them, their smiles can light up a whole room. To do that, to play, to not get tired AND to give them a run for their money I need to be able to run, to swing and to laugh - sometimes all at the same time.

To make each day better for myself I want the energy and the perseverance to get through it, to not get home from work and lay on the couch because I don't have the energy to go out and do what I really want to do, running, gardening, making a great supper for the SO to come home to (his smile can light up a room, too!) and making my life all I want it to be.

So, as a final message to my brain, this is your final warning. Either get on board or get out of my way. Your negativity is not welcome here, but your help is always encouraged.

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