Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The reason for change

Some people don't understand why I want to lose weight. Well, for one thing, I'm overweight. That's a big reason right there. I'm smaller than some people, bigger than others, but for me, this weight is not a healthy weight. Yes the doctors told me that, yes the BMI tells me that, but my own body keeps telling me day after day that it's not good for me to be as heavy as I am.

My hips hurt because they have excess weight on them. My back aches at night and has spasm because of weak muscles. I get out of breath walking up one flight of stairs. This is my body's way of saying 'Enough is enough, get in shape already woman!'

This journey is not so that I can brag I'm a size 2 someday (Honestly, these hips weren't made to be a size 2) and this road to my reduction isn't so that the SO will love me more. He loves me just the way I am. This isn't for anyone else but me. I need to feel better. I need to be healthier and I need to be happier because I know I'm healthy.

The doctors can tell me whatever they want, but if I I'm not in this for me, it won't matter, it won't work and I won't be running my way toward health. The SO could tell me I'm fat and he doesn't want to be with me because I'm too heavy (don't worry, he never has and I know that's not the way he feels) but if I lose weight only for him, it will never stay off and it won't make me happy.

This change is for me. This change is for my betterment and it's because I need take a part of my life and say 'This is for me. I deserve this.' Because you know what? I do. I deserve my health. If I can't give that to myself it will never come because I'm the only one who can bring about this change.

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