Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Death of a friend revisited.

One year ago today a friend of mine died. She was 30, healthy, married for one year exactly the day before (Sept. 1) and they were expecting. Life changes so quickly.

She was one of the SO's, Friends' wives. She was one of my first "real" friends here in Waterloo. Not friends with me because the SO and her hubby were friends, but friends with me just because we were friends. She called me if she wanted to hang out. We went to lunch, we texted, whatever. Granted, the SO and her hubby were friends, but she was MY friend.

They say she died from Sepsis. Basically her body was so overrun with SOMETHING (they don't know what) that it killed her. She had spent a long weekend with her hubby in Omaha to celebrate their anniversary. We dog-sat for them. Then they came back. Then she was gone. She had quit smoking, was eating better and was so happy with how her life was finally going. And she was gone.

I'm just thinking about her today. Thinking about how the year would have been different. Thinking about how her life would have been different, many of our lives would have been different. I miss her. That day was so hard. So was the day after it. And the week. And the month. I still think about her. It still makes me cry. I still miss her.

I'm just thinking, life's short. Too short for some.

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