Monday, November 8, 2010

One step sideways

I think I may have been able to do better this weekend. And by this weekend I mean Sunday. Family was over, and I love to cook for family!

We started the day with homemade cinnamon rolls and cream cheese frosting. Then it was lunch, with pizza, hot ham&cheese sandwiches and chips. Lots of vegetables there, right? I also made apple pie, at least I got one fruit serving in. Top it off with pig-in-the-blankets and potatoes and mixed vegetables. I think I had three servings of fruits/vegetables the entire day!

But it's one day. One day to enjoy the company of family. One day to show off my culinary skills :D And oh, it was good. Other than the splitting headache I had when I went to bed (hello lack of water) it was amazing. Did we do anything special? Other than spending much-loved time together, no. It was wondrous.

Now, that splitting headache. It's back. With a vengeance. I feel some sinus pressure coming on in a bad way. I've upped my freggie intake again (as per normal for my week) and hope to get some relief, but my co-workers are almost all sick, so I think I may be doomed.

Anyone else have a serious lack of goodforyou food on the weekend, but stay strong through the week? I used to be the other way around. On the weekend I had more time and energy to cook for that was delicious and nutritious, but it seems lately, I'm more careful about what I eat Mon-Fri and then splurge on my weekend. Wuzzup wid dat?


  1. I super good during the week (usually) and then on the weekend I struggle to make the healthier choices over the tastier (unhealthier) options. At least during the week I am good. When that stops happening I know I am trouble...

  2. Amy, I just want what I want when I want it. Lol. It's when I overindulge twenty times over that I seem to have LOTS of problems.

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