Friday, November 12, 2010

Marshmellow madness

I've been craving marshmellows lately. So the other day, when I was at the store and saw them, I threw 'em in the cart. What harm could little puffs of goodness do? I love them in Rice Krispies, which I make about twice a year, but other than that, normally pass them by.

When I got home I stuffed four in my face. Not all at the same time chubby-bunny style, but one by one, slowly savoring the, uhm, the powdery nothingness? Don't get me wrong, but marshmellows really don't have much taste. I have no idea what I was craving from them, but I got them. So, after making my way through the fifth (large, btw) marshmellow, I looked on the package at the serving size. Eight or nine would make about 100 calories, right? WRONG! 4. Four marshmellows is 100 calories. I had just eating 125 worth. It wouldn't be horrible, but I was at the upper end of my calories for the day anyway. I threw them on the chair and walked away.

So the next night, I'm sitting with the SO watching some glorious Harry Potter once again (tonight we may be on movie #4!) and noshin' on some 'mellows. I know how many I can have now. Then, because I'm not enough of a glutton for punishment I look at the ingredient. First thing listed, which also means marshmellows have more of this than any other ingredient listed is corn syrup. Argh.

Corn syrup is one thing I'm trying not to eat. I find when I eat foods that have a lot of it, I just crave more sugar. I know that all the commercials say it's the same as regular sugar and our bodies process it the same way and all that, but when I follow my own body, it seems I crave sugary goodness quite a bit more when I am letting corn syrup be a large part of my diet. So yes, one of the few things I'm limiting/getting rid of in my diet I've pretty much stuffed in my face eight times in the last half hour. Not to mention the five from the day before. As I sit here typing this I am drooling because I want more marshmellows. So I read the back, ate one more (I mean, I'm not eating them other than in Rice Krispies again, so I wanted the one more to remember :) and threw the bag in the trash. Done. Gone.

Now I'm just dealing with more cravings. I'm pretty sure a Snickers bar would be down my gullet in two seconds if I saw one sitting on my desk. I also have tried fruit for today. It's taking the edge off, but I'm still in battle mode. I think if I can get through today, maybe tomorrow, I'll be back to my normal minimal cravings. But until then, I just hope marshmellow madness doesn't get me in its grip.

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