Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The G to the chest to the back pain

I think I may have mentioned before that I lost some weight. A little over half of what I want to lose all together. So you know one area that I haven't lost any? ANY!? *men look away* my boobs. Oh yes. My boobs. Where it seems most women lose weight there before anywhere else, the only thing that's gone down in size on my bra is the band measurement. What gives?

So now, where before the whole weight gain I was a badly measured 36D (probably really a 34DD) I am now a 34G. G people. Just to give you a reference, when I researched it - on the google machine - the answer given seemed to be that a G-sized breast weighs eight pounds. That would mean that there are over 15 lbs on the front of my body. No wonder my back constantly hurts.

I know this is down the road, but what if the rest of me shrinks and my chest doesn't? I don't really know if I can handle that. Yes it's hereditary in my family, from both sides, so I know I will never be an A cup, but still, a little off the front would be pretty nice.

The thing is, I am contemplating surgery. After checking with my insurance, it seems they'd cover it after the deductible. It just makes me really nervous. I won't be doing this for quite some time, but I've got to put it out there. If I get down to near goal weight and still nothing is off in the boob department, I think it's my option. I don't want to live with the chronic pain I have even now. I have permanent indentations in my shoulders from where my bra strap pulls down and even now, with a bra that fits properly, it's pain.

So ... any thoughts?

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