Friday, October 2, 2009

Volleyball and Wicked

I had my first volleyball game in eight years last night. I decided a month ago to join the team at work that plays in a volleyball league. I was nervous. Like I said, I hadn't played in eight years, since gym in high school. Wow it's been a while.

I had such a blast. OH my such a blast. The people on the team are people I absolutely adore at work, so I had fun with them. It was good to be out with a bunch of people, playing volleyball, albeit losing at volleyball. I didn't care. I had fun, got my third serve over the net, and I know I'll get better as the season goes on! It goes all the way until Spring, so I have a while to improve. The paper also has a softball team and I think I'm going to ask if I can be on that, too! I was surprised by how much fun I had, and how relaxed I got once I hit the ball over the net for the first time. I don't know how much of a chance we had. The shortest person on the other team (guys and girls mixed) was taller than the tallest person on our team, but it was great.

I used to be so scared to go out and do things like this. I sang in high school and in college and then that wasn't a big deal to me, but sports? Activities that involved physical stuff? That always unnerved me. I'm a bit of a klutz and not athletic in any sense of the word. Getting out of my comfort zone there is a huge accomplishment for me.

Also, I found out that I get to go to Wicked in Des Moines in a couple of weeks. A friend of mine can't go for some reason, so our friends asked if I wanted to go. I'm super excited and wish Lisa was still going too, (sorry Lisa! :(....) but I'm glad that I get to go. I think it might be my reward for losing 20 lbs. instead of a new hairstyle.

In both areas, the volleyball and the Wicked I'm stretching myself a little. I get to do things with a group of friends who I see occasionally, but not a lot, and I'm stepping outside my box at work and with physical activity. It's amazing how your life changes when you let it.

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