Monday, October 5, 2009

Feeling the fullness

When I sit down to eat supper with the SO it's almost always with Wheel of Fortune on the TV. We talk, we laugh, we solve puzzles, but I don't really concentrate on what I eat. I set out my portions so I know I'm not overindulging, but I seldom ask myself in the middle of a meal if I'm full or not.

Part of my issue is that sometimes I have a hard time getting in all my calories. If I'm full halfway though my meal, how do I get more calories to make sure that I'm eating enough? If I stop, I might fall below the 1500 calories Spark says I should eat. I eat healthy foods normally, not a lot of junk, so I have to eat more vegetables, more grains and more of everything it feels like to get all my calories in.

The other part of the reason I don't pay enough attention to if I'm full or not? My name is Jessica and I'm a plate cleaner. I've said this before. I'll probably say it again! If there's a sweet that's not up to my standards, I'm getting better at just saying "It's not worth it" and getting rid of it. Not so much when it's chicken alfredo and I've made it for supper. I love chicken alfredo, I want to eat the chicken alfredo, and if I don't eat it and there's not enough for leftovers I just end up throwing it away. I hate that. I've learned to eat less, portion what I eat so that I'm still pretty much full all day. I know I'm saving money just because I'm not eating three times the amount of food that I'm supposed to eat, but I still hate throwing food away.

Any plate cleaners out there have any helpful hints?

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