Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Darn butt muscles

Okay, so I went out for my run and, pulled a butt muscle. Yeah, I'm really excited. I was 1.25 miles out, so I got to walk the 1.25 miles back, butt (heheh) now I'm icing it.

The Story:
I was feeling great, my pace was really strong, it's chilly and windy out but there were intermittent patches of sunlight and it was just a gorgeous day to run. The beach boys just finished Barbara Ann on my MP3 player, I love that song, and I felt my hair on the top of my head flopping around.

What? My hair is flopping around? That's why I have this stupid headband on! I stopped, looked back, and there it was, 10 feet behind me. I walk back to get it, bend down and WOOOT my left buttocks is SORE! What? I just bent down! I tried to walk another block to the stop sign waiting for me, jogged a couple of feet to test it out, nope. Bad buttocks, bad!

So I walked back home and now I'm sitting on an ice pack. Let's just say my butt's a little chilly.

Let's just hope I just need to sit on it for the day and then I'll be fine. I want to keep running, I want to be comfortable when I sit and most of all, I want my buttocks back.

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