Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Every day another victory

This is my life. Sometimes that sentence brings boredom, dissatisfaction and and 'Ugh' escaping from my lips. Other times those words bring a smile to my face and a little bop in my step. Today, it's a bop kind of day.

This is my life. I am being healthy, I am being fit and I am loving it. We played softball last night on my work team. It was the last game of the year and we have lost every single game. Guess what? I don't care. I love playing! I rounded second on my way to third and, before the team started shouting it was a foul ball, I had such a moment of elation! Am I good at softball? Not really. Do I love it? Yes, I do.

A year ago I couldn't have said that. The thought of physical exertion, especially on a team of any kind, left me short of breath from something akin to an anxiety attack. I am not athletically gifted and am not an athlete in any way, shape or form, at least I didn't use to be. My gift of athleticism has not changed. I have other gifts, far away from a field of any kind. But my determination to be healthy and fit has changed and evolved, and "that has made all the difference." (name that quote!)I run. I play softball. I play volleyball. I lift weights.

When I do these things I feel so free it's amazing. My calves have a slight ache in them today, but I love stretching my legs and feeling them pull. I definitely didn't get enough sleep last night due to going out with the softball team, but the sound of laughter around that table echo through my memories. I feel likeI can do anything! I pretty much can. I might not be the best or the fastest or the most skilled, but I can play a sport. I can run a mile, and I can enjoy myself while I do it. That's a definite victory in my book.

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