Monday, May 3, 2010

The good, the bad and the pretty

So I'm ecstatic and at the same time really nervous. Let's start with the nervous news. My quads.

The good. I'm playing softball with people at my work this summer. The SO is doing it too and I'm better than I thought I was. I can hit the ball almost every time. I can catch grounders and flys and I'm getting better even though we've only had two practices and one game as of today. The Bad. My base running. My base running isn't even the real problem. My real problem is that every time I start out at a sprint after hitting a line drive down third (it's my sweet spot I guess) then I strain my quads.

The first time it happened was the game last week Tuesday. It hurt. I could tell I strained it and so I just took it easy jogging in and out of right field and didn't run quite as hard from first to second after my at-bat. Then when we got home I iced it and the next morning it was better, probably even better than better, it felt pretty great. I went on a couple runs and stretched and everything and all through last week it was fine.

Then yesterday rolled around. It's practice and I hit a line drive and go. I took off and made it about five steps before I got to do a special hop skip jump to not take another step on my right leg. Quad. Bad. I walked around for a good ten minutes, trying not to break into tears in front of my co-workers. Then I accepted it wasn't going to feel better for a while and decided to head home. Ice. More ice. sleep. This morning they're still stiff, still slightly sore. I'm so not happy. I have a walk planned for this afternoon so I hope that rids my legs of some of their stiffness, but I'm worried.

This just worries me. I don't know what's happening. My runs are fine. Four miles and I'm good to go. With volleyball this winter it was still fine. I had no problems other than getting smacked in the butt with the volleyball after a few off-mark serves. I'm just worried that there is something else going. Something that's wrong and it's just rearing it's head with the sprinting. I'm going to try warming up more before I'm up to bat, keep moving in the outfield and hopefully it's just cold muscles going from 0 to 20 in a second. Tomorrow is our second game, I'll keep you posted!

The pretty. Okay, I'm so super excited I just turned valley girl and I don't think I can really contain the high pitched giggle that may erupt from my mouth. I just bought a jean skirt. It's a pencil skirt, super cute. The SO and I went to the store yesterday. I knew I wanted a jean skirt. I knew it had to come down to my knees and that I wanted it for casual wear this summer. They were having a 30% off sale and I really wanted to find it that weekend so I could get the sale.

We go in, I find the perfect skirt. Problem. It's a sz. 12. I wear a sz. 14. Some are lose, some are tight, but I have a pair of 12's I've been holding onto for three months, just waiting for the day they fit. I knew I wasn't a 12. I took them anyway. I decided I would be a 12 by the middle of the summer and then I could wear them anyway. So I took them home. Went and played softball. Came back home and iced, and in the middle of watching a movie (The Wrestler) during a water break I tried them on. And cried a little. They fit!

I looked in the mirror and it hugs curves, like I think a pencil skirt should. I gave the SO a hug and he laughed at me. I'm funny like that, and then told me he was proud of me. I'm proud of me too, and that skirt? It's pretty cute.

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