Friday, April 23, 2010

Running with a purpose

I'm running with a purpose now, no longer lost in my dabbling world of a 3 mile run here and there. I have a plan and, though I may deviate from the plan, there are a lot of goals in that thing! First off on the summer of racing (as I'm calling it starting right now) is a 5k on May 15 near my hometown. This will be my first official 5k. Then, I'm looking for another 5k to run in June. After that, I'm registered for the Bix7 in Davenport, IA, and then a 10k in September followed (hopefully) by my 1/2 marathon in Des Moines.

I know that I may not reach all of these goals. I will have to see, as the summer progresses, what I can and cannot do. I don't think the 10k or the Bix7 are out of reach, I've run right over 6 miles already, but as I'm building some mileage in the progressively warmer weather it's more of a chore! Put allergies on top of that and while I'm careful, a couple of my runs have not been the fun I remember from just a few short weeks ago. I'm hoping that being back on a steady plan and making sure I get my miles in for the week will have me back in form in no time.

I have a dream of running the IMT half marathon in Des Monies in October, but I may have to wait until next year to fulfill that dream if my running goes slower than expected. I have a good base, I have more than enough time to take my time with building my mileage. I have rest periods and lower-mileage weeks planned in, but, as I learned with what was supposed to be my first 5k, things don't always go as planned.

I hope that this summer I'll get to run all the races I want, but I know that even if I don't it will truly be a success. Heck, running my first 5k is a huge success in itself! There are goals that I will meet, goals that I will surpass, and goals I may fall a little short of, but I'm trying. I'm out there giving my all and by doing that I know I cannot fail!

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