Friday, February 4, 2011

Peanut butter binge

Last night I ate peanut butter cookies. And pizza. No joke. I went to add up my calories today, and guess what, for my crazy binge, I still only ate just over 1,800 calories. I can't call that a loss. I need to call that a victory.

It's a victory because I made the peanut butter cookies, and they were not big in any way shape or form. They were about two inches across. And did I mention they were delicious? Anyway, aside from that, there was pizza. I ate three slices. Of thin-crust pepperoni pizza. That's like one slice of a large Pizza Hut pizza.

The "binge" I went on last night won't even show me a gain on the scale today. Maintain, all the way. Did I go over my calories? yes. Did I eat way more fat than I aim to? yes. Did I eat 5,000 calories by eating an entire pan of huge monster cookies like I have in the past. He** no. (Btw, I really don't know if that was 5,000 calories, but it was definitely a couple thousand.)

So it's a victory. I went off plan, but because I had been watching what I ate the rest of the day the off plan didn't even break 2,000 calories for a whole day. I had pizza and cookies, and I didn't get the nutrients that I want in a day, but I'll live with that every once and a while.

My plan is not being perfect. I am not perfect therefore this weightloss plan is not perfect, but it works for me. I mess up sometimes. So what. It's life and one day out of thirty where I eat more than I want to isn't going to kill me. What it will do is make me stronger.

I cannot survive on a diet where I eat carrot sticks and nothing else. I'm not built that way. The way I'm built if you tell me I can't have a slice of cheesecake I'm going to whine and cry until I get a piece of cheesecake. Now, tell me now I can have cheesecake. I'll have a piece, I'll love every morsel of it, and I will keep my calories and exercise in check so that the cheesecake is counted. In my diet I can have whatever I want, I just know that when I have a food "treat" that somewhere in my diet something else is missing. I don't do it often, but I'm not deprived.

For the most part I eat healthy, unprocessed food. I'll have cookie and pizza when I want it, and then I won't eat two large pizzas by myself later on in the week. Victory.

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