Friday, March 4, 2011

Be motivation

We talk about motivation. About losing it, finding it, wanting it. As people wanting to change their lives and keep up the momentum motivation is a big part of a day, whether we realize that or not. We sometimes "need" to be motivated to work out and eat well. Sometimes I disagree with that and other times, when my butt is dragging on the ground from the moment I wake up, I see the truth in motivation.

What I realized last night, laying in bed waiting to doze off, is that we are motivation. Our actions and thoughts can move someone to change their life. I'm not saying all we have to do is say it and it will be, but someone seeing us in action and observing the benefits we've obtained through healthy living can cause a chain reaction and before you know it, your life has changed others.

Now, I'm not saying that my actions are the only reason these people have changed their own lives, but I'm saying it plays a part! I've talked about wanting to lose weight and wanting to be healthier for a long time. I've dabbled in it, going on diets, pushing exercise for a little bit at a time and sometimes I did pretty well. When I started this journey it seemed like everything fell into place.

Now, the SO has decided to run a 5K with me this summer and we both eat healthier than we did five years ago. After hearing about me running my first 5K near my hometown last year, a lifelong friend decided she was also going to reach for that goal. Last I heard she was running faster than me and well on track to having a strong finish in the May race. When I found out my father was diagnosed with diabetes, and thinking of the history of obesity, high blood pressure and all that comes with it that runs in our family, I decided to take my own first steps into making my life a healthy one.

We are motivation. Every positive choice to make, every decision that leads you to a better, healthier life is one that can lead someone else there as well. The days you struggle to work out and the days where all you really want is a chocolate chip cookie remember that. Remember the look on the face of someone you have touched. Remember that when you give it your all on the elliptical at your gym you may be giving someone else the inspiration to keep going, too. When you pick up carrots instead of cupcakes at your grocery store someone may see. Be motivation.

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