Friday, July 16, 2010

And ... I'm back!

One month, one month gone. One month not tracking food or exercise or how I feel. But I'm here. I'm running again, luckily I didn't gain any weight. I guess it's more than luck. My life is different than it was one year ago. I am different than I was a year ago.

I am thirty pounds lighter.

I enjoy the running I do.

I look for ways to be fitter, better, healther.

I can't wait for my next race!

Isn't that was this is all about? Changing our lives. Not a binge diet. Not some crazy food plan where all we eat is celery for three weeks straight, but learning to eat and work out in a healthy way. So my month off wasn't necessarily a failure, except for the no exercise part. It was an exercise in moderation. I think I can do this!

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