Friday, July 5, 2013

And, baby got back?

So, I'm back, I hope.
 I've been yo-yoing and that's never where I want to be. I take off weight by watching what I eat SO carefully, but then I get sick of never having "treats" and so I put weight back on, then off, then on ... bah.
The funny thing about this? I feel so much better about myself now than I did two years ago. I feel accepting of myself and my body. I know that my body is mine. It will never look like someone elses, and I can treat it with dignity and respect and give it (and myself) what it deserves. This is my body. It is mine, there is no body like it.
 It has its faults -- I personally believe it should be able to run faster, but it doesn't agree with me so much. I also feel like it likes to be pretty curvy, that's great and all, but I would appreciate a little more curve inward on my stomach instead of outward :) The beautiful thing about my body is how it responds when I treat it right.
 When I eat things that benefit instead of things that just satisfy a sugar craving my body responds in amazing ways. More fruits and vegetables? You might as well put a halo on my head because the way I feel makes me glow. More sugar and less substance? I'm lethargic,  cranky, dare I say moody?
 Anyway, I'm hoping posting this will help me work through my feelings instead of eating my feelings. What I want for myself? Health. If that's at a size 16 or a size 8, I could really care less, I just to be healthy ... and to keep the booty my extra weight has brought me. It may not be much, but it's mine.

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