Monday, December 21, 2009

Losing it

Sounds good right? This is a weight-loss Web site and I have been doing the whole weight-loss program thing, but let me just say. I've lost it.

The last time I ran was when I went home in early December for a family get together. Granted, I've done quite a bit of shoveling since then with a winter-wonderland ready to greet me outside the door, but other than that and a game of volleyball I've accomplished nothing in the way of exercise. My excuse? It's cold out. And Icy. And did I mention cold? Okay, it's really the icy part. I can't go and run when I don't have somewhere to run. My solution? I really want to get a gym membership so at least I'll have a treadmill to attack.

But guess what else? Running isn't the only form of exercise out there and I haven't done any of them. I love stair stepping. I have steps right in my basement (though, Christmas hint, I do want some wider/taller steps than what I have right now!) I have the 30 Day Shred, I have Booty Ballet DVD's and I think I may have some Tae Bo (sp?) DVD's somewhere too. I have a wii fit that, while it's not the hardest core exercise routine I've found does get me off my butt and that boxing challenge? That always makes me sweat. What's my deal?

My deal is me. My deal is that I have defeated myself. For the last two weeks I've told myself, I'll do it tomorrow. What have I said about people who say that? That they need a good kick in the butt. Well, I'm asking, please kick my butt.

Today I am heading for my basement again. Today those 'Friends' DVDs (thanks Blair!) will get watched again as I sweat my way through some laughter. TODAY I will work at digging out the weight-lifting machine the SO has from long ago that keeps calling my name saying 'Work those hamstrings' and 'think about the killer biceps I can give you!' Today is my day. Not tomorrow, not after Christmas, not for New Years. Today is my day. Tomorrow is probably going to be mine too, and oh yeah, all my days for the rest of my life. You know what? They're mine.

I'm so glad I've only lost two weeks sitting on my butt. I'm glad that I have gotten that sugary eating out of my system and that I can push myself again. I'm glad I've fallen because this time? This time I picked myself up. I am not waiting for that magic moment because it will never come. I'm not waiting for the perfect day, it's only there if you make it there. I'm not waiting until I can afford the right shoes, the right equipment or that gym membership that I want. I can't afford to wait any longer. Today is here. Today counts. I am going to make today matter.

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